Tuesday, 27 August 2013

How to Get Unlimited Lives On Candy Crush

Seriously how fun is Candy Crush Saga? It's addictive right? You Betcha! If you're like me then only being able to have 5 lives at a time sucks and it blows even more once those lives are gone. I have something I'd like to share with everyone.

About 3 months ago I discovered a cool little trick on how to get unlimited lives on candy crush. There are however a lot of players who claim this is nothing but a CHEAT and shame on those who use it! I totally disagree and think why not use it if it's there to be used?

This requires NO hacking or downloading of any special software whatsoever. All you need is an Iphone or Ipad. Now for those out there who play Candy Crush via Facebook or Android, I am sorry but I don't know if this trick will work for you. I only know how to do this using the Apple products. I'd suggest maybe searching Google to see if somebody else knows how to do this using other platforms.

Step By Step - How to Get Unlimited Lives On Candy Crush Via Iphone/Ipad.

  1. Once you have run out of lives, get out of the Candy Crush App and open up SETTINGS.
  2. Scroll down until you find the GENERAL tab and tap.
  3. Scroll down to where the DATE & TIME tab is and tap.
  4. Turn off the SET AUTOMATICALLY button.
  5. Now tap on SET DATE & TIME.
  6. Fast forward the time by 5 hours.
  7. Now get out of the SETTINGS APP and go back into the Candy Crush App.
  8. You now have 5 lives again. Rinse and repeat whenever you need more lives.
NOTE:  Before you start playing with your new 5 lives make sure that you quickly go back into your Iphones SETTINGS and click on the SET AUTOMATICALLY button. If you don't do this then you might have trouble performing this trick again. After all the game runs off your Iphone/Ipad clock.

There you have it... Now go and enjoy unlimited play time :-)

For those who would like to watch how this is done rather then read, I have included a Youtube Video below for you to watch. PLEASE NOTE: This is performed on a Ipad but will work exactly the same way on the Iphone. If the Youtube video isn't showing on this Blog for whatever reason then you can View it by clicking here.